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Guest Registration

A guest can have access to 24-hour parking when the guest has registered the vehicle through the Parking Badge App. Tenants can also register their guests through their app portal. The tenant will then receive a text to confirm if they would like to approve the guest. Both parties will receive a text alert when the car is registered..

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Features slide 1

Paid Guest Parking

With our paid parking feature guests can pay for their 24 hour parking permit inside their web browser. Tenants can also pay for their individual guests. We accept payment from Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX.

Permits Made Easy

Residents are registered in the app by car model, plate, and apartment number. Each resident will receive a virtual parking permit that will include their individual number and expiration date. LP readers will be used in residential parking lots to keep track of vehicles.

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Reporting Simplified

See your parking at a glance. Easy to read, interactive reports provide histories of registered guests by tenant. Revenue reports allow for simple income analysis and forecasting. Identify and resolve ongoing violations and repeat offenders in your community.

Complete Parking Management

As a manager, you need a simple way to manage residential parking and guest parking. Parking Badge provides you with any easy to use app that provides all of your parking solution needs at your fingertips.

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