Parking Badge Features

With paid parking, instantly bring additional revenue to your property with the self-service guest parking interface. Generate income through valuable guest spaces or charge fees for additional parking time or overnight parking.

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Assign tenant parking and issue virtual and paper permits within the app

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Paid Guest Parking

Set up parking fees for guests that are paid in the app at registration

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Guest Registration

Register guests, issue permits, enforce parking regulations and optimize your parking

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Track revenue, view visitor history, access resident information and identify parking trends

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Additional Features

Vehicle time icon

Limit Excessive Guest Registrations

Set the amount of allotted time for guest parking and charge fee for additional time

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Do Not Tow

Protect manager and other important vehicles on your property from towing

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Cloud-Based Resident Profiles

Keep your resident information in the cloud and access from anywhere

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Blocked Vehicles

Block vehicles from registering or parking on your property

Interactive maps icon

Interactive Maps

View an interactive parking map on the mobile or desktop browser. Assign spaces directly from the map, view assigned resident spaces and see how many guest spaces are available.

Easy to navigate screens

Easy to navigate screens
Easy to navigate screens
Easy to navigate screens