Don’t Overlook Your Property’s Greatest Asset

Parking: The Amenity Most Managers Forget

Managers today know they need to focus on amenities to keep their residents happy. Giving your community convenient and simple solutions is key to high tenant retention rates, filling up those vacant units and securing a place in a highly competitive market.

Most managers think of onsite workout facilities, automated locker systems and valet trash services when they create strategies for tenant amenities and forget their largest, value-adding asset: community parking. While residents and guests understand the need for parking management, neither wants to deal with the hassle of visiting a management office to obtain a permit or pass. What about after-hours visitors that necessitate extended staff hours and drain property operating funds? Managers know they need to offer competitive services but at what cost to the bottom line of the property budget?

Parking Solutions Technology

That’s why Parking Badge offers a solution that not only turns your parking management into an essential amenity for residents but also automatically generates revenue for the property at no additional cost to the property. With a cloud-based platform, Parking Badge gives residents and guests an easy and fast way to register, obtain permits and even reserve coveted reserved parking spaces.

Paid Parking Made Easy

Managers and owners can now generate additional income from their parking, whether that be for event parking, overnight parking, guest parking or reserved resident spaces. An NAA study showed that residents are more than willing to pay a premium for reserved spaces rather than continually search for available spaces.

Guest parking fees can also generate additional income for a property with Parking Badge’s completely online and automated system. Through either the iPhone app or a mobile browser, guests can register and pay to park in under 3 minutes.

Communities are literally generating revenue while owners and managers sleep.

One Parking Badge community generated over $1,500 in guest parking revenue in just one month using a minimal guest parking fee.

How Does Parking Badge Work?

A dedicated Account Manager will assist you in assessing your properties needs, identifying guest and resident parking areas, rolling out the parking technology platform (included staff training and property setup) and will even coordinate the placement of your parking signage and striping. Parking Badge knows how busy managers and owners are, so everything is handled in-house at no charge to the property!