Parking Issues? This One Step Will Change That Today

With so many communities to choose from, potential residents are taking a closer look at amenities. At the top of that list? Parking. Resident parking is currently one of the most overlooked assets of a property and also one of the top sources of resident complaints and manager stress. Over 67% of renters own a vehicle and 21% of all renters own two vehicles. Parking can easily become a bottomless pit of resident complaints, lease violations and safety concerns that drain property resources and create resident turnover. In addition to their own vehicles, residents have guests who also need parking and often ignore or are unaware of parking regulations in a community.

Many Challenges, One Solution

Managers and owners are responsible for not only the safety of their residents (which means enforcing standards and regulations), but also providing services to their residents that are efficient and reliable all while trying to reduce expenses. Especially during the current times of social distancing, managers are finding it more difficult to provide these services. With Parking Badge’s complete online parking solution, managers can immediately attain comprehensive oversight of their resident and guest parking, reduce complaints and increase tenant satisfaction while increasing property value.

Guest and Tenant Registration

Parking Badge offers completely virtual guest registration, using either their mobile browser or the iPhone app, designed for easy of use and speed. Managers can quickly adjust parking regulations and rules to enforce guest regulations and monitor repeat offenders, all without being onsite. Managers can also assign and issue resident parking permits and reserved parking spaces without face-to-face interactions.

Paid Guest Parking

The continual rotation of guests and residents puts wear and tear on your property, reducing the value of the property and creating expensive maintenance costs. Parking Badge allows managers to charge a small parking fee to guests with a variety of options, generating revenue to cover expenses and increase property value. Whether managers want to allow a certain number of free visits before charging or simply charge for weekend or event parking, Parking Badge gives managers the options they need with online technology.

How Can We Help You?

At Parking Badge, we know that maintaining resident satisfaction and adding value to your community are keys to success and sometimes these goals seem to conflict. Parking Badge’s parking management technology plays a key role helping managers achieve both, quickly and without additional resources. All this is at no cost to the property.

Contact us today for a free property assessment and to discuss how parking technology can almost instantly improve your property.