Top Parking Pitfalls And What Managers Can Do Now

Every community deals with parking issues. Managers try to find balance between maintaining resident satisfaction and enforcing parking regulations. They are constantly dealing with the frustrations of enforcing parking regulations at their communities, but without continually monitoring the parking areas, they are often responding to complaints once situations have reached a frustrating point. These are the top parking pitfalls managers often face and the one solution to them all.

No Available Parking

Without technology to track who is parking at a community, managers are left not knowing who is on the property. Are they actually guests at the property? How long have they been on the property? Who are they visiting? Without a gated community, this is virtually impossible to track without a parking management plan. Managers need a complete solution that allows virtual monitoring and oversight of their properties’ residents and guests.

Parking Badge’s management system allows managers to see exactly who is on the property and which resident they are visiting. By ensuring that vehicles are properly registered, managers can eliminate non-resident related parking or long-term guest parking that fills the lots and creates issues for everyone.

No Designated Parking Areas

Residents want to park close to their homes but can often return home in the evening to parking spaces filled with guests or even unauthorized vehicles illegally parked on the property. Over time, this can lead to high tenant turnover and overwhelming tenant complaints. Without appropriate signage and technology to enforce the parking designations, guests are unsure where to park and often park in spaces reserved for residents.

Parking Badge gives managers the power to create designated guest parking areas and use a web-based system for guests to register their vehicles for time frames designated by the manager, all from a mobile browser, desktop app or mobile app. Managers can also quickly assign resident parking permits and reserved space. Parking Badge will come to you, assess your parking and help create a parking management plan and even install the signage and striping you need to transform your parking.

Resident and Guest Violations

Managers work hard to create guest limitation policies for their communities but often find it difficult to enforce those regulations. Unless the violations are seen by management or reported by other residents, guests can occupy valuable parking spaces, causing frustration for residents and additional work for managers.

With Parking Badge, managers can specify their parking regulations and guest parking limits easily. Managers can choose to block registration after exceeding limits or to generate some revenue by charging a small parking fee once certain limits have been reached. With the real-time reports, repeat offenders can be identified and residents notified.


The key to success with enforcing parking regulations and community policies is consistency. Without consistency, repeat offenses and confusion make enforcing regulations difficult to impossible. Managers can also run into legal issues and resident turnover if the rules are only being enforced with some residents and guests and not others.

Parking Badge automates your parking management, so the parking regulations are consistently and correctly enforced. Managers no longer have to wait on tenant complaints to identify lease violations and unauthorized vehicles on the property. Parking enforcement is clear, accurate and completely transparent.

Let Us Change The Way You Manage Parking

Parking Badge can help you avoid all of these pitfalls and create a safer and happier community. Let one of our account representatives give you a free parking assessment and help you automate your parking and reduce the headaches that poor parking management can cause. We will even show you how to instantly bring revenue to your property immediately!